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NEW: Become a Nationwide Real Estate Finder, Flip Houses 100% Virtually & Have it All Set Up and Launched for You!

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Daniil Kleyman

Founder- Rehab Valuator

Tap the power of Social Media Marketing to have a flood of motivated sellers pop up daily in your inbox (even if you’re awful at computers or social media)

No more expensive or time-consuming marketing (postcards, cold-calling) or marketing that can get you into legal trouble (texting)

Instead, get a stream of  sellers that come to you proactively and are happy to talk to you!

This strategy allows you to tap into niche, smaller towns with little competition, which means you’ll get CHEAP LEADS and great deals

Once you get the leads, simply flip these deals to cash investors and pocket checks (best strategy for falling market)

Best Part: You’ll see how to have someone set this all up for you from scratch!!

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wednesday March


8pm Eastern
5pm Pacific

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