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LEARN: How to Find “Invisible Deals” That You can Buy for $1 and & Attract 100% Financing Including Rehab Money!

Your Host

Daniil Kleyman

Founder- Rehab Valuator

Note: these are NOT vacant houses, bank-owned, HUD, tax delinquent or anything else that you’ve seen before!

Here's What You'll Learn on this Webinar:

There is An Untapped, Bloated Market with an Estimated 1.7 Million Properties Nationwide (with no competition) that you can buy for pennies on the dollar!

This is An "Invisible Inventory" of Equity-Rich, Distressed Properties that are in Every Neighborhood, in Every City, in Every State Across the US

These are deals that you can wholesale for quick profits or rehab yourself with up to 100% financing (we’ll show you EXACTLY where to get that financing!)

We'll show you to find these properties quickly, and lock them up with what's called a "net contract" (this agreement ensures that you will profit no matter what!

You'll see exact case studies how 5 deals bought for $1 each resulted in profits of over $170,000 and the exact steps involved in executing these deals!

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8pm Eastern
5pm Pacific

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