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Deal Analysis and Wholesaling Made Easy:

  • Instant Owner & Property Data + Verified Comparable Sales (Nationwide)

    Click a button and pull up  VALID, verified COMPARABLE SALES!  Without this, you can not accurately determine offers!

  • After-Repair Value Estimator for Instant Offer Generation!

    Calculate instant offers, on the go, for any deal!

  • Access to Cash Buyers

    Use Our Social Media Syndication and our “Find Deals” platform to quickly build a cash buyer list without leaving your home!

  • Wholesale Deal Marketing Flyers and Presentations

    With a click of a mouse, you can instantly generate wholesale deal marketing flyers and full presentations!  These get your deals sold!  You can then blast these out via text, email or social media to thousands of buyers instantly!

Fund Any Deal You Want:

  • Generate Instant 1-Page Deal Funding Proposals!

    These have been proven to get skeptical private money lenders, hard money lenders and even bankers off the sidelines and saying “yes, here’s the money!”

  • Generate Multi-Page Deal Funding Presentations

    Create a full deal funding proposal in minutes, complete with Executive Summary, Cashflow Summary, Deal Summary, Comparable Sales, Pictures and more!  These establish Instant, Huge Credibility for you in the eyes of lenders, even if you’re brand new!

  • Full Deal Structuring Flexibilty to Tailor Your Funding

    Software allows you to structure Joint Ventures with lenders with profit splits, offer points, and various combinations to tailor each deal to a specific lender. This increases your chances of getting a “yes” significantly!

  • Instant Credibility with Lenders that Gets You to a "Yes!"

    Even if you’re brand new, you can use these Deal Funding Presentations to build trust and rapport with lenders that would otherwise ignore you!

Simple Effective Project Management:

  • Create Detailed Rehab and Construction Budgets Quickly!

    Dynamic, flexible cost and repair estimates at your fingertips.  Save hundreds of hours of time by creating “templates” that can be reused over and over again on new projects!

  • Store and Manage Bids In One Place

    Populate each budget with multiple bids along with bid documents.  No more having to search dropbox, your phone, computer, etc!  Everything is clearly organized in one place.

  • In App Accounting Tracks Projects in Real Time!

    Brain-dead-simple accounting you can do yourself!  Enter each transaction, upload invoices/receipts and know instantly where your project stands!

  • "Track" Feature Lets You See Where Your Project Stands in Real Time!

    Click a button and know instantly how much is left to spend on the project, how much is owed to each contractor and whether you’re over budget or under budget!

  • Professional Level One-Click Reporting for You, Lenders and Partners!

    Easily create reporting during and after the project for your team, for your lenders, partners and other stake-holders!

  • Visual Project Scheduler

    Drag and Drop a Dynamic Schedule for Every Project so you can plan your projects better!

  • Push-Button Rehab and Construction Lender Draw Requests

    If you’ve ever had to do a draw request for a lender, then you know how painful it can be. Not anymore!  We make it a breeze.

Access to Video Tutorials & Real Estate Education

We show you how to do EVERYTHING step by step in our detailed video tutorials and case studies so you are NEVER left guessing as to what to do!

30-Day 100% Risk Free Guarantee!

You have a full 30 days to test drive Rehab Valuator Premium! If you're unhappy or decide it doesn't fit your business, we'll refund you with no hassles!

Sign Up for $1 14 Day Test-DriveIt Only Takes 30 Seconds

Bonus Package Worth $2200+ For Taking the Test-Drive of Premium Version Today:

  • BONUS 1: Full Set of Legal Contracts! ($1000 Value)

    Get a full set of purchase, wholesaling and private lending contracts you can use in your business!  This will save you thousands of dollars vs. having an attorney create it from scratch!

  • Bonus 2: Deal-Sourcing Execution Plans on Finding Great Off-Market Deals! ($197 Value)

    Step by Step Execution Plans of Finding Off-Market Deals. Follow Step 1, Step 2…get great deals under contract!

  • Bonus 3: Ninja Negotiation Training ($297 Value)

    One of the best pieces of content on negotiation you’ll find anywhere! Apply these negotiation techniques to real estate and to every other part of your life

  • Bonus 4: Real Estate Investing Masterclass. ($500 Value)

    A 3-Hour Nuts and Bolts Training on Every Aspect of Real Estate:  Wholesaling,  Private Money, Project Management and Wealth Building

Sign Up for $1 14 Day Test-DriveIt Only Takes 30 Seconds

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