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Tools and Features

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Access on Any Device!

This software requires no Excel and works on PCs, Macs, Tablets, and even SmartPhones!  You can access your account from multiple devices, both from the office and from the field!

Push-Button Presentations!

Create Marketing Flyers and Presentations for your wholesale deals in seconds from the field!  You can now take pictures directly from your phone or tablet and populate them into the flyers!  Same for your Private Lender Funding Requests:  create these in seconds, send them to potential lenders and secure funding!

Syndicate Deals to Social Media!

You can now push a button and publish your deals to close to 300 social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  This means you can publish a deal to social media while out in the field and get it sold before you come home!  This is also a great way to build your cash buyers list!

Calculate Offers in the Field!

Take your phone in the field, use Rehab Valuator to calculate offers and make sure you're not overpaying.  Pull up Instant Comparable Sales and use our ARV and Max Offer Calculator to crunch offers quickly! Know right away if a deal is a winner or a dud.  And if you're a wholesaler, create a marketing flyers on the go and send it to your buyers!

Show Your Buyers and Lenders "What's In It For Them?"

Your buyers and lenders only care about one thing:  what's in the deal for them?  Rehab Valuator allows you to cut through the irrelevant clutter and create marketing materials in seconds that show your buyers and lenders EXACTLY why they should do business with you!

Sell Your Deals Quicker and Raise Private Money on Demand!

All of this results in you making smarter offers, selling your deals quicker and for more $, and raising private money for your projects like a 30-year veteran in the business!  There is no tool out there that gives you greater INSTANT, UNDENIABLE CREDIBILITY

Create Detailed Repair Estimates!

Build detailed rehab budgets, create cost templates to save huge amounts of time and use our pre-built Rehab Templates if you're brand new!  Store all your bids in one place, along with all bid docs. This will save you huge amounts of time.

Track Your Rehab Projects in Real Time!

Use our simple In-App Accounting to track your rehab and new construction projects in real time.  Then use the Track View to see exactly where each project stands in real time!  This is invaluable data at your fingertips!

Full Data and Reporting at Your Fingertips!

Push-Button Real Time Reporting on each project for your team, your lenders and your partners!  This gives you professional builder-level software capabilities at a fraction of the price!

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